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Andrew V. Marin, JD

Andrew V. Marin, JD

Director of Advanced Planning and Financial Planner

 Andrew V. Marin serves as Director of Advanced Planning at Fraser Financial Group. Andrew partners with closely held business owners, professionals, families, and their advice-givers to plan for overall success. He is outcome-oriented with a focus on efficiency and clarity. 

 Andrew’s immigrant grandparents and their imparted love of country started him on the way to helping others protect their American dream: transferring estates and businesses – intact – from one generation to the next. He is also a national educator on advanced planning topics for continuing education and continuing legal education.  

 An active board member of his Church, he is a lifelong resident of Southern California. Andrew is a member of the California State Bar, U.S. District Court, Southern and Central District of California, Bar Associations, and FINSECA. Andrew enjoys traveling, music, the outdoors, volunteering, and being with his wonderful family.